KDE 4.9.5 on EL6

January 7th, 2013

Hi all,

I finally got a first version of a quite complete KDE 4.9.5 distribution compiled and working on CentOS 6.3.
After a while having troubles with kdesrc-build I decided to just download the sources linked on the page http://www.kde.org/info/4.9.5.php and compile them one-by-one. The most of the dependencies like QT 4.8, attica and so on, I already build by hand or with help of kdesrc-build.
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Use a global PHP include for your site

December 20th, 2011

Recently I switched from mod_php to FastCGI for serving PHP websites. With all the advantages of being able to run all websites separatly, the drawback is that configuration options like php_value and php_flag in .htaccess or other Apache configurations do not work anymore. There are some hacks that can be loaded as a PHP Module so PHP itself will read .htaccess files, but none of them work quite well. So the other solution is to use ini_set() in a global PHP include file in the very beginning of the PHP application.

Zend Framework applications are quite easy as all request are forwarded to index.php handling all request, so all global settings like include_paths can be handled there. However, with some PHP websites it is quite hard to introduce a common global PHP include file for application that has no single PHP file the application starts with, and it depends on a include_path set with php_value. The solution is to use Apache mod_rewrite to redirect all php request to a single file, proxy.php, that sets the global settings, and runs the original PHP file requested. Read the rest of this entry »

Cache layer for slow PHP objects

March 17th, 2010

When I was measuring execution time in a new PHP application using Doctrine and Zend_Date, I discovered lots of time is consumed by the code. It will slow down the app really if you show 50 objects in a list on a page when every object uses 100ms to list the results. It’s hard to get that library code fast, it’s easier to write a cache class around the object.
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kdevelop3 on opensuse 11.2

November 27th, 2009

I recently installed OpenSUSE 11.2 on my netbook. There’s a lot of great new features like KDE 4.3, much better kernel 2.6.31 support for Intel Graphics and the Atheros wifi, but also good things disappear from the distro like some good working old kde3 applications. KDevelop3 is still a favorite for my daily work. However kdevelop4 is there, it is still having bugs and lacking functionality and not in a final release. I still want to work with KDevelop3. Well, it’s quite easy to fix that.
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T-Mobile HSPA met linux (OpenSUSE kppp)

October 3rd, 2009

Onlangs heb ik een T-Mobile data abonnement afgesloten, zodat ik ook onderweg nutteloze dingen op internet kan doen. Een USB stick met een modem is bijgeleverd die in de laptop geprikt kan worden.


De vraag is natuurlijk hoe dit werkend te krijgen onder Linux. Er zou een programma bij zitten die gebruikt kon worden, maar die heb ik niet gevonden tot nog toe. Met pppd en de KDE gui kppp werkt het echter ook prima.

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Nieuwe conti grand-prix en gator-skin

August 26th, 2009

Vorige week een nieuw 28-559 (26″ race) bandje gekocht: de Contintental GatorSkin. Volgens de reviews een compromis racebandje voor de lange afstand.

Conti GatorSkin 559 en GrandPrix 406

Direct op mijn Quest gemonteerd en een trainingsrondje Soesterberg-Austerlitz gereden en een retourtje Utrecht-Enschede (286km).

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Tijdrit Nijeveen

August 2nd, 2009

Ik vertrek om 8:00 vanuit St Maartensbrug, zo’n 20km onder Den Helder. Ik heb nog zo’n 140km te gaan voor Nijeveen, waar ik om 13:00 wel wil zijn. De avond ervoor gezellig geBBQt met m’n collega’s, dus dat was een redelijk kort nachtje.
Ik geniet van het West-Friese landschap in de vroege morgen. Bij Medemblik voelde ik dat ik niet meer echt fit ben. Vroeg opstaan is bij mij dan ook een garantie op niet fit zijn. Rustig aan verder. Om 9:30 kom ik aan in Enkhuizen en daar bleek de pont Enkhuizen-Urk pas om 11:15 te vertrekken. Dat wordt dus fietsend over de dijk naar Lelystad.

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Opnieuw Avocet Fasgrip

March 29th, 2009

Na een winter met voornamelijk Vredestein HPV banden gereden te hebben met de Quest, vond ik het tijd worden voor wat nieuws. Stiekem ook wel iets beters. De HPV’s scoren niet echt geweldig op het gebied van betrouwbaarheid en rolweerstand.
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Google via IPv6

March 28th, 2009

After all the signs from the ICT business world about the lack of interrest in deploying IPv6 because it should be too difficult and wouldn’t worth the investment, yesterday I found an article (Dutch techworld.nl, read more on Googles blog post) about the deployment of IPv6 at Google. They stress about the ease it takes to implement it. Actually exactly the same I think about it. When I deployed IPv6 about 2 years ago on my own network with the SiXXS and XS4All IPv6 tunnel brokers, it took only a little effort, I even didn’t have to restart my old BSD machines that were used as network gateways to get the network connected via IPv6. Read the rest of this entry »

Improved memcache php classes

January 14th, 2009

Today I rewrote the previous mysql - memcache classes, mentioned in my previous post.
I wrote a clas with static methods (why should you need an object at all?) with logic. supporting an easy way store items in a PHP application. A second DB class extends this one, for an easy way of caching complicated queries.
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